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We have a new Director


We are pleased to announce that James & Ward Ltd has recently promoted Anthony Harte to its board of directors.

Anthony, from Great Haywood, Stafford, has joined founder Andrew Ward as a co-director in the business, which he joined as an Architectural Technician soon after it was founded in 2006.

Since then the firm has built up an impressive project and client portfolio, becoming early adopters and leaders in Building Information Modelling (BIM) within the construction industry.

The Penkridge-based company operates throughout the UK, pioneering the application of BIM technology for large retail clients and becoming integral to the delivery of BIM within the retail sector.

Andrew Ward, Managing Director at James & Ward Ltd comments: “Anthony has been a huge asset to the team and so he was the perfect choice to be promoted to director.”

He explains: “He has been ambitious from day one and has been involved in all areas of the business - from developing our unique selling points through to leading the delivery and implementation of BIM. The business is expanding at a sustainable pace and it only seemed right that given his commitment to the firm and all he has achieved, Anthony was asked to become a director of the business in order to play a vital role in driving it forwards.”

Anthony comments: “This is an amazing opportunity and something that I have been striving for since I started off in the industry about 15 years ago. I look forward to continue working in and on the business – moving it forwards to meet the needs of our clients.”

Commenting on the company’s expansion, he adds: “The government has set a target of a 20% reduction in the capital cost and carbon burden from the construction industry and as part of this they have introduced a requirement for Building Information Modelling (BIM) to be utilised for all new construction projects from 2016 onwards. Our long-standing experience and credentials in this area have been key to our growth and will continue to set us apart from our competitors, delivering cost and energy efficiencies for our clients.”



Anthony has been a huge asset to the team and so he was the perfect choice to be promoted to director. - Andrew Ward


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