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My first public presentation this year was to around 180 manufacturers for NBS and I started with likening the Construction Industry to the TV industry and the shift to Digital. This was backed up with the NBS discussing Digital Disruption, and in today’s modern society we certainly are disrupted by the Digital age.

Take a look at @StephenHamilNBS review on the event HERE

With the Government's BIM Level 2 Mandate only a few weeks away, there are a growing number of “BIM Level 3 & Beyond” events, or most recently “BIM Level 2 Compliant“ logo’s being banded around in which have caused a stir on Twitter.

With the TV analogy, I even took the time to develop our own BIM Ready logo! But just what does this all mean? Who can we turn to for a compliance check when the industry is still in dispute about what Level 2 means, not to mention what standards are compliant due to the various discrepancies between documents.

With the TV industry, many spent hours scratching their head with questions such as; do we need HD Ready, HD 720, HD 1080p, HD 4k?


BIMReadyImage L2BIMReadyImage L3BIMReadyImage 6DBIMReadyImage LOD8

The same can be said to many in the Construction Industry with BIM questions such as; do we need to be BIM Ready, BIM L2, BIM L3, BIM 6D, BIM LOD8? (Ok, so I made some of these up, but some people often get these confused in presentations!)

With the TV Industry, I’ve read that a license agreement was introduced in 2005 by Digital Europe who developed four labels or logos in which are being awarded with various features. The license agreement can be found here;

This agreement gives Minimum Requirements, Testing and Verification, Logo Usage Guidelines etc.

Before we can standardise and demonstrate compliance in the “BIM world”, we first need to have concise documentation that gives the Standards required to meet the various “Levels”. Now some might argue that we do already or are close to having these but there are still many discrepancies and disagreements. You only need to spend 5 minutes on twitter to find this out, thanks to the growing popularity of the hashtag #UKBIMCrew

I'm eager to see where the BIM journey will take us as ours began back in 2008, and it’s great to see the standards being developed as most of the available documents didn't exist when we started. For us, as an Architectural Consultant working as Lead Consultant we've dealt with many live projects that although many may not have been labelled “Level 2” projects for various reasons, they have still certainly used BIM processes to gain benefits for all team members.

Contractually our deliverables have very much been traditional, and working with contractors that were not BIM Savvy at the time meant that they often lacked the Contractors input, and data handover / Information Exchange to the end client or user.

With many years behind us, we are very adaptable, can work with all levels of requirements (although “Level 3” may be beyond us at the moment) and as a small business can very quickly and efficiently adapt to meet the client’s needs.

If you’d like to know more about our “BIM L2 HD 1080p Ready” team then please do get in touch or take a look at some of the projects we have delivered using BIM, in particular within the retail sector.

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